DIW Berlin

The Client

Having been invited to tender for a three-year contract with renowned economic research institute, DIW Berlin, we were delighted to be awarded the gig after a rigorous tender process.


DIW publishes forecasts for the German and global economies every spring, summer, autumn and winter. The volatile economic situation resulting from the coronavirus pandemic meant that writing the spring edition in 2020 was always going to be challenging with the outlook changing day by day.


DIW needed us to be very flexible and translate their texts in chunks, with some sections being amended from one day to the next. The deadline was also very tight. As the data changed, DIW's authors had to reinterpret it and amend or update their conclusions. Meaning delivery of texts was subject to changes and with very short turnaround times.

Our Approach

With careful internal planning, we were able to coordinate and allocate the translation and editing tasks to best optimise our strengths and time available. We would often have to update or change those plans as we received new or altered texts.


The resulting team effort was a successful and high-quality translation turned around within the deadline.

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