English Audio Guide

The Client

HLS has a proven track record in the language services industry spanning back two decades. So when Linon Medien KG asked us to provide audio descriptions for their client, the famous Albertina Museum in Vienna, we were happy to take on such an interesting and high profile project.


The goal was to give the museum’s English-speaking visitors a greater insight into the backstory of each piece in their latest exhibition, the Hahnloser Collection. The audio was to be made available on a smartphone app to make the whole experience as simple and informative as possible for their international art fans.

Our Approach

To make sure we found the right tone, we first looked at who would potentially be listening to the audio guide. Then we adapted the text into short punchy sentences. We avoided long-winded and unnecessarily complex or haughty formulations to make sure we grabbed the listeners’ attention. And kept them interested right to the end of the tour.


The result was a clean, concise and simple-to-understand narration that appealed to English-speaking museum fans and captivated them throughout the tour.

Click here to visit the Albertina website and listen to an excerpt of the English audio guide.

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